To All Masters, Instructors, Students, Families, & Friends:

A warm and hearty welcome to all of our competitors and to those who support their efforts. We are happy to hold our championships in the fine city of Newtown, CT, site of the 20th Annual World Champion Taekwondo Connecticut State Taekwondo Open Championships. The 2018 Championships is more than a competition, it is an event and promotion as well! We are excited to offer this fulfilling experience to our Taekwondo students.

Mission of the 20th Annual Open

The mission of our 20th Annual Open Championships is to uphold a level of expertise expected in an Olympic sport. Our tournament will consist of groups in Poomsae, Board Breaking, Sparring, along with five special competitions for both black belt and color belt divisions.

Whether you have attended our previous tournaments or are new, you will likely notice how we strive to improve the environment, competition standards, and opportunities for all competitors. We are dedicated to this mission and continually set our sights on new goals to improve with each tournament. Please take note of the following:

  1. High Quality Organized Competition
    1. Over 60 volunteers, including 30 USAT and WTF Certified Referees
    2. Masters & Coaches Holding At Least 4th – 7th Dan Black Belts from WTF & KUKKIWON
    3. Six (6) Rings on Matted Courts Operating Continuously For Less Waiting Time
  2. Large Facility
    1. A large indoor sports facility with ample room for athletes to practice and compete, and for friends and family to comfortably watch.
  3. Special Events
    1. Team Poomsae
    2. Weapons
    3. Super Fly Kick Contest
    4. Iron Fist Breaking Contest
    5. Freestyle Poomsae (Exhibition Event)
  4. Due to scheduling conflicts, competitors must choose between Super Fly Kick and Iron Fist Breaking Contests – they cannot do both.

This is a great tournament for beginners and advanced competitors! We had over 400 competitors at last year’s competition with 100 percent rate of four or more competitors per division for each event.

If you have any questions about the tournament package you received, please do not hesitate to ask.


Grand Master Se Jin Park       Master Sang Pil Kim        Master Dong Hyun Jang      Master Kwang Jin Ha

WCT President                          Tournament President    Event Director                        Referee Chairman

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