• DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS- Improves Memory
    - Improves Flexibility
    - Helps with Weight Loss
    - Improves Energy
    - Maintains Healthy Activity Level
    - Boosts Metabolism
    - Builds Self Confidence
    - Lowers Stress
    - Group of “Friends” with Similar Needs

    Adult students have the added needs of stress and metabolism issues that come with lifestyle and age. The non-violent nature of Taekwondo movements, combined with light warm-ups and stretching, address these issues; the classes add social interaction that adults need to help them relax and learn better.
    Students will progress through the following ranks:
    - White
    - Yellow
    - Orange
    - Green
    - Purple
    - Blue
    - Brown
    - Red-White
    - Red-Yellow
    - Red-Green
    - Red
    - Red-Black
    - Black-White
    - Black-Yellow

    Students will take promotion tests every two months to promote ranks.

    There are several options for students to take classes. We are flexible and do not restrict you to come on pre-scheduled days. Come to class when it suits your schedule! To find more information about classes, click here.