• DESCRIPTION & BENEFITSChildren aging 5 to 11 years old begin their training through our Beginner’s Program. This program is a two rank system (none and white belt). In this program, our students are trained in the basics of Taekwondo and are taught the fundamental moral beliefs of a Taekwondo martial artist. After completion of the Beginner’s Program, students will enter into our regular children’s classes. This program provides a steady progression of skills, building upon previously mastered techniques. The program intentionally becomes more and more challenging as students progress, supporting our desire for our students to persevere through their endeavors.
    Students will progress through the following ranks:
    - White
    - Yellow
    - Orange
    - Green
    - Purple
    - Blue
    - Brown
    - Red-White
    - Red-Yellow
    - Red-Green
    - Red
    - Red-Black
    - Black-White
    - Black-Yellow

    There are several options for students to take classes. We are flexible and do not restrict you to come on pre-scheduled days. Come to class when it suits your schedule! To find more information about classes, click here.

    Students take promotion tests every two months. For each promotion test, students are asked to meet certain physical and mental/disciplinary requirements. Each curriculum asks students to master a certain form, for which they receive white tape; a self-defense, for which they receive yellow tape; a kicking combination, for which they receive green tape; and a board breaking technique, for which they receive blue tape. The most important tape, however, is the red respect tape which is provided by the parents. We ask that parents assess their child’s behavior and if there has been improvement, to then give the child a red tape. Students are not allowed to take a promotion test without a red tape, as we value our student’s mental and disciplinary training first.