• DESCRIPTION & BENEFITSOur Teen’s Program is designed for older students and is modeled after the Children’s Program, though made to be up to par with the higher capabilities of teens. The program consists of harder fitness lessons, more detailed instruction, and more advanced skill development.
    Students will progress through the following ranks:
    - White
    - Yellow
    - Orange
    - Green
    - Purple
    - Blue
    - Brown
    - Red-White
    - Red-Yellow
    - Red-Green
    - Red
    - Red-Black
    - Black-White
    - Black-Yellow

    Students will take promotion tests every two months to promote ranks.

    There are several options for students to take classes. We are flexible and do not restrict you to come on pre-scheduled days. Come to class when it suits your schedule! To find more information about classes, click here.